Reaction Paper

Perhaps you have already used to writing narrative, descriptive, argumentative, or any other type of essay. However, when it comes to composing an evaluation essay, this is where the things may start to go wrong. Even though it does have a similar structure to the conventional ones, reaction paper has its own peculiarities that may become a surprise for you. Usually, when your professor asks you to prepare a reaction essay, you are about to provide your reaction to a certain thing. Moreover, in most cases this thing is another essay, article, or any piece of writing. Due to the requirements of that paper, you will have to conduct a detailed analysis of the work.

Writing Evaluation Essays

General Requirement

The first and the most significant thing you are supposed to do is to read. Thorough and objective study is necessary before kicking off writing. Not only should you give your look at the certain issue, but also study the subject by yourself in order to prove that the genuine writer is right or wrong. Do not forget about the emotions – your main idea (satisfaction or dissatisfaction) must reflect how you feel towards the written paper.

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Consider The Public

Similarly, to a conventional essay, reaction paper needs you to study the audience of your writing. Usually, it is only your professor, but actually, it can turn out that your evaluation may be printed in a local magazine, newspaper, online periodical, or anywhere else. Learn about the people who will read your writing to understand what language to use, what style is appropriate and even your emotions. If the topic of your target essay is politically or socially sensitive, that is where you should be really careful – a single wrong word can turn an absolutely positive audience into a completely hostile one, loathing your essay. Race and ethnic relation also play a vital role here. If the original essay was perceived well and you described it from different angle to the group whose insight into the problem is different, you would probably suffer a great failure. Last but not least is gender question. It won’t be a breakthrough to tell that women and men react to the problem differently. Study what readers would prevail in your audience and try to set your essay for them as it is almost impossible to satisfy everybody.

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Gather The Material

Your project will be nothing without solid arguments, vivid examples, and supportive statements. Even though you are simply reacting to the subject, you are still obliged to show (at least) your professor your awareness of the problem. For information, use only most reliable sources and skip blogs and not confirmed results of questionable researches.


The final resource you will need to compose your reaction paper is time. Start writing in advance and extend this process for at least a few days to consider editing, proofreading, and making additions. In case you have no free time to get the job done, it is always possible to ask online writing bureau to complete the task for you for a reasonable price timely.

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