Types of Sentences in English

Academic writing requires attentiveness from authors. They must know the basic rules of grammar and be able to express their ideas correctly and consistently.

Learning a language involves studying the structure of sentences and phrases. A sentence is a unit of speech that expresses a certain thought. A sentence is a more complex concept than a word. It consists of several parts (words and phrases related to themselves in meaning).

There are several types of sentences in English the classification of which depends on several criteria. According to the purpose of the statement, linguists distinguish four types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory). The meanings of the message, question, and motivation are the logical-grammatical meanings of the sentence. It includes a message on some alleged or denied fact, phenomenon, event, etc. Such sentences are characterized by a specific intonation; the tone rises on one of the members of the sentence containing the most important message and drops to the end of the sentence.

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Interrogative Sentences

The interrogative form of the sentence is a narrative sentence in the question form. There are several types of interrogative sentences, such as general, alternative, disjunctive, and special sentences.

Simple and Complex Sentences

In addition to the goal of the statement, the structure features are also divided into some groups according to another criterion. Depending on the structure, there are three types of the sentences (simple, compound, and complex).

A complex sentence has its grammatical meaning, form, and structural indicators. It is a syntactic communicative unit of the highest order, in comparison to a simple sentence.

The Similarity between Simple and Complex Sentence:

  • Each part of the complex sentence is constructed according to the simple sentence model.
  • There is a composition of the main parts and secondary parts in each part of the complex sentence.

Styles of Speech and Types of Sentences

Different kinds of sentences are used in each style of speech. If you write an essay, it will be appropriate to use complex sentences. If you are engaged in research and create a paper in the scientific or popular science style, your language should be fairly simple yet clear. You must use many terms and additions. The ability to construct a sentence correctly is the basis of academic writing.

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As you can see, there are not so many kinds of sentences in English, and it is not difficult to understand them and express your thoughts correctly.

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