Journal Cover Letter Writing Tips

Cover letter writing is not less important than the writing of a manuscript for the journal itself. Very often, editors evaluate the quality of an article by reading a cover letter to it. As a result, this part of writing should be treated with not less attention and preciseness.

The main aim of a cover letter is to make the commission or editor to forward your manuscript further for peer review. The cover letter represents a short outline of your article, as well as an explanation why it is an appropriate piece of writing for a specific journal. Remember that cover letter is a formal document and it should follow all the rules of academic writing.

Here are some tips on writing a high-quality cover letter:

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Concentrate on Your Intention

Cover letter writing is aimed at making the editor interested in your article. If your cover letter is informative and well-written, there is a high chance that the editor will read the whole manuscript and send it for peer review.

Stick to the Format

Remember that cover letter should be written only in a form of a business letter.

Addressing and Contact Data

If you know the name of an editor, you should address him/her by the name in a formal manner. In addition, it is important to include your contact information in the letter, even if it is already saved in submission system.

Start Your Cover Letter Properly

It is strongly recommended to start your letter with indicating the name of the manuscript, as well as the names of the authors. The type of your article can also be mentioned (review, report, etc.). If your current article is connected to your previous works, do not forget to mention it as well. In any case, the first paragraph of the letter should describe your study, why it is important and what the findings are.

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Convince the Editor that Your Manuscript Is a Perfect Fit for a Journal

The aim of a cover letter is not only to present your study but also prove that it is of a great value. It is the only way to get it printed in a journal. As a result, you should explain the importance of what you are presenting. It is important to consider the needs of a journal and its specialization. Stay focused and explain what contribution your manuscript can make to a specific field. Even if your article is not directly related to the topics described in a journal, you should be able to clarify how your research can be interesting to a specific field.


The things to indicate at the end of a letter:

  • The statement of your manuscript originality;
  • Indication that it was not published earlier;
  • A list of scholars who are NOT allowed to read your manuscript;
  • The statement about the absence of conflict of interests.

The simple rules presented above will help you come up with a high-quality cover letter. Testimonials

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