How to Travel Europe on Budget

Traveling to Europe is a dream and a nightmare of every student. On the one hand, there are marvelous castles, beautiful landscapes, and magic atmosphere. On the other hand, there are expenses, expenses, and expenses. How to find the middle between luxurious vacation and student budget? Today, we will share with you tips how to reduce your expenses on your trip to Europe.

Budget Tips for Young Travelers

    • Make a plan in advance
    • This tip goes well with any kind of a trip, but it is vital in Europe. Even if you’re going to see one country or one city, it still has too many destinations to visit during one day. That’s why you need to do a research to make a plan of your trip. Find out ticket prices, commuting lines, special offers in advance. Preparation will help you to avoid the rush and extra expenses.

    • Blend with local people
    • Tourist traps, pickpockets, and other dangers are waiting for you there. That’s why you should do your best to not look like a tourist. Make sure you don’t put your phone, money, or documents into your pockets. Keep them safe. Bonus tip: don’t look on your map in the street. Find some caf? or supermarket to do that.

    • Pick up some phrases in foreign language
    • At least learn how to say “Hello”, “Excuse me”, and “Do you speak English?” Language basics will help you to stay out of trouble and it’s the way to show respect for the culture and the country you’re currently visiting. With the age of the Internet, it’s not a big deal to download a translator or any other language app.

    • Avoid hotels
    • Big hotels mean big money. To save your budget you can book a hostel or any other kind of accommodation that costs way less. Besides, as a traveling student, you won’t spend more than a couple of hours to sleep there.

    • Look for free entertainment
    • That’s when you need tips #1 and #3. If you haven’t searched in advance for the free things to do, ask local people. They will advise you a couple of places to visit for free.

  • Light backpack
  • It is one of the most important tourist rules: travel light. First of all, it’s easier to move from one place to another. Secondly, you back and legs hurt less after the day of walking. Third, you have enough space to carry souvenirs.

I hope you will enjoy your trip to Europe. Follow this tips and you’ll enjoy spending way less money as well. Testimonials

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