How to Become Happier

Many people tend to believe that happiness always eludes us. People may chase after happiness for their entire lives and still think that they will not achieve it. Happiness is difficult to interpret and define. However, according to scientists, there are some things that can indeed boost our happiness.

Sport is one of the best ways to become happier. Seven minutes daily may suffice to become way happier. Not only does sport remove depression but it also helps us to improve our intellectual capacities, relax, and keep fit.

What is more, a consistent sleep may also contribute to our happiness. Sleep makes us less sensitive to different negative emotions and nagging thoughts. Additionally, an eight-hour sleep daily can significantly lift our mood.

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Basically, when we are despondent, we usually feel like being surrounded by our dearest and nearest. It may sound like a tired cliché, but scientists established that having healthy relationships with friends and family can afford us a great deal of happiness. According to scientists' recommendations, we need at least 5 close people to feel sufficiently happy.

Staying at home can also have a negative effect on our happiness. Going out more, being engaged in different activities with other people, and spending more time outside can be particularly helpful in being happier. For example, spending 20 minutes in the open air can not only enhance our mood but also improve our memory and thinking.

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It may sound implausible, but helping others will make us happier as well. For example, rendering 100 hours of help annually can make us exceedingly happier. According to multiple studies, helping others increases our happiness simply because it affords us the sense of accomplishment and makes us feel of any assistance to others.

Weird as it may seem, but smiling is a real mood enhancer. At the same time, fake smiles which are not accompanied by positive thoughts, may, in fact, lead to unhappiness. Facial feedback matters and when our smile is candid, as we give our brains a signal that we do not feel depressed.

Additionally, organizing a trip far away from our current location can make you significantly happier. In fact, it fills us with a hope which then turns into positive emotions. Interestingly enough, organizing a trip can serve as a mood enhancer for eight weeks.

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Meditation is also one of the best ways to become happier. If the meditation is meant to boost the state of awareness without thought, we can greatly avail ourselves of it. For example, it can help us to remove stress, improve our focus, and fill our lives with happiness and enjoyment (Researching Meditation). This is an extremely beneficial practice which takes minimum time in the morning  and at night but which in fact will make us all day long.

There are many other ways which can boost our happiness. We delineated the major and the most budget-friendly ones. It may be hard to believe but the best ways to become happier are absolutely free. That stems from the fact that money, drugs, alcohol, and other luxuries cannot reproduce what happens within us naturally. Testimonials

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