Job Seeking Tips for International Students

Are you an international student who needs a job? Read our tips to learn how to quickly find a good job!

1. Don’t Include Your Visa Status in Your Resume. Listing this information won’t be your advantage. Your recruiter will understand that you’re an international student looking at your educational background and previous work experience. If required, they will ask you questions about your status during the interview. In case you have a green card or US citizenship but your name seems to be foreign, include this information in your resume to show that you have a legal status.

2. Consider the Illegal Questions. Remember about the question that CANNOT be asked during the interview:

  • What is you place of birth?
  • What is your citizenship?
  • What is your native language?

You should also keep in mind the questions that CAN be asked:

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  • Can you legally work in the USA?
  • Will you require an employment visa now or in the future?
  • What language skills do you possess?

3. Handle Questions about Work Authorization. Tell them that you can work in the USA legally for one year and nothing is required on their part. Afterwards, tell that your work authorization can be prolonged for 3-6 more years if you get an H-1B work visa. While you’re discussing this type of visa, use the word “petition” instead of “sponsor”.

4. Revealing that you’re an international student. This question has to be assessed in each case separately. Some employers follow strict policies and never hire foreigners, while others prefer to hire only US citizens but don’t mind hiring international students. On average, it is recommended to reveal your work status in your first or second interview, or any other time before the job offer is done.

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5. Applying to the Company that Doesn’t Hire International Students. In most cases, when a company says they don’t hire foreigners, it means that they have not done it before. Sometimes, it is possible to convince the recruiter to change their mind. You can tell them more about the process of hiring an international student. Remember that even after you talk to them, they may stick to their opinion. Therefore, first aim the companies that hired a foreigner at least once in the past.

6. Ways to Make Yourself a More Attractive Candidate:

Allow your cover letter and resume to be checked by Loyola’s Career Development Center (CDC)

  • Learn as much as possible about immigration regulations and your visa status
  • Do a research about the positions and employers you are interested in
  • Take part in a test interview with CDC
  • Improve your skills in speaking about your career and interests
  • Continuously improve your English speaking skills
  • Get help from the resources that assist in finding H-1B employers

With these tips, the process of finding a job will be much easier for you! Testimonials

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