10 Apps You That Will Earn You Extra Money


You can use this application to get an additional income by making photos. A cool thing about Foap is that you can charge any price for your photos, which means that your earning potential is limitless. Mind that you have to make unique quality photos in order to set high prices for them. A lot of people are looking for interesting photos and creative ideas, so you may be surprised by how many people would like to buy the photo of your cat in a pirate costume.


This app allows you to earn money by selling old books. Just scan each barcode with the help of your smartphone and this app will show you 20-25 price options from different book buy-back companies. When you find the best option, you should fill some information and then send the books to the buy-back companies.

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Complete quick jobs and get paid! Browse the list of jobs, see additional details and if you can complete the job on time, accept it. When you choose a job, you have two hours to complete it. Just make sure that you can make it before you press “accept.”

Cash for Laptop

Sell your old laptop with the help of this marvelous app. It is as simple as choosing the type of the device that you intend to sell, adding a description, packing it up, and shipping. Payments are received via Paypal.


For those who have problems with expense reports, Expensify helps to track business travel, capture receipts, create expense reports, and many more. By using this app, you can save time, that you can use to make money.

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This app can be used to take photos of receipts and see rebates. Get a free Ibotta account and find tons of interesting offers. You will find different rebates depending on specific promotion and product.


Excellent app dedicated to project management. It can help to solve problems with the team and reduce pitfalls with deadlines saving you a lot of money. Casual has several mind-blowing, innovative functions, including the ability to show dependencies between tasks and drawing tasks as flowcharts.

Receipt Hog

This app is pretty much like Ibotta, because by taking photos of receipts and uploading them to Receipt Hog you can get rewards points for Amazon or Paypal gift cards.


Ncponline allows you to earn money as a panelist. You can be either contacted for opinions or scan purchases and send data to get reward points. When you have enough points you can get certain rewards.

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i-Say Mobile

A great survey app, so if you have some spare time you can use it to make money completing surveys. As you complete surveys, you will collect points, which can be later withdrawn as money through Paypal. Another options to use points is to get gift cards from iTunes, Amazon, etc.

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