Cheating Guide for Students

Cheating has always been and still is one of the most serious academic offenses. If found guilty of cheating, students are very likely to face some major penalties. Nevertheless, cheating is quite a widespread occurrence. Some students choose to cheat simply because of laziness, while others have to resort to cheating because they don’t have enough time for studying. Some students have to work a lot because they need to provide for themselves; some of them face certain personal problems which distract them from studying. Regardless of what exactly motivates you to cheat, this article is going to teach you how to do it like a pro.

Check Adequacy of Information

Very often, students download different electronic sources on their gadgets hoping to copy some information from them during the exams. While preparing such sources, you have to make sure that they are valid. It would be such a shame to cheat but still fail because of copying false data. The same rule can be applied to paper back materials: use only the verified ones.

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Observe Your Teacher

Different teachers behave differently during tests or exams. Some of them don’t pay too much attention to their students’ passing notes or talking to each other, while others notice a slightest movement or a whisper. So, when planning to cheat at a particular exam, you have to be aware of the instructor’s behavior. Sometimes it’s safe enough to use your cell phone without even hiding it, and sometimes it’s better not to even try it.

Be Creative and Crafty

The vast majority of teachers will ask you to turn off and hide your gadgets, as well as remove all the unnecessary sheets of paper from your desk. However, if you are creative enough, you can turn basically any object into a cheat note, even your pencil. There are many tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how to do it.

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Use WC as an Excuse

This tip requires some acting skills. You have to make your teacher believe that something terrible will happen if they won’t let you visit WC right now. Beforehand, hide your textbook or cheat notes there. In such a way, you will have up to five minutes to find the information you need. Unfortunately, you can’t play this trick with the same teacher too many times because they will become suspicious.

To sum up, keep it in mind that cheating is not always as easy as may seem. Sometimes, it’s easier to actually learn all the topics than devise a perfect cheating plan. In addition, you shouldn’t cheat too often because it increases your chances to get caught and face various punishments. Testimonials

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