Talking about the Common Structure

Academic writing is one of the toughest variants of research papers. Here, you are required to use formal English, stick to a certain citation style and be sure your ideas have enough supportive arguments. Even though each type of writing is unique, it is possible to learn the general structure, according to which, it will be much simpler for you to complete such tasks. Therefore, here is a specific plan, according to which you can easily compose an academic essay on any possible topic.

Multi-Purpose Essay Structure


As every English sentence must contain a verb, academic writing accepts no incomplete sentences. However, there are also other types of mistakes apart from the lack of verb. If you are using a lot of transitions, be sure that they are used according to the rules – to connect the parts of the sentence. So, do not begin your sentences with such transitions as when, while, as and because if you are not planning to finish the utterance correctly.

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Another significant issue that may occur is a run-on. This may happen when the sentence lacks a transition. Usually, people consider coma as a linker, however it does not act as a connector. In this case, it is important to substitute it for an appropriate transition or put a semi-colon between the sentences.

Stick to the definition of English sentences. There are simple (one subject and one predicate), complex (one subject and more than one predicate) and compound (two simple and/or complex sentences linked with a transition) types of sentence. Follow the rules and create sentences appropriately to meet the rules of formal English.

One more quite widely spread mistake is a dangling modifier. Sometimes it creates hilarious occasions, but it is still regarded as a major issue. In order to avoid it, be sure that your subject corresponds with all the pronouns.

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For the paragraph problems, there are three main questions to be dealt with when writing according to formal English requirements. Usually, students forget about the key point of the paragraph, which is a topic sentence. Without this major explanation, it is almost impossible to understand what the point of the entire paragraph is. Just one simple sentence can give a prompt description to the entire part of writing.

Another thing to try to avoid is ambiguity. This issue is directly dependent on the previous one – as soon as you have a decent topic sentence, it is almost impossible to move off the theme. However, once your topic is weak, there is a chance that your paragraph will not be related to the essay. Therefore, adjust each key sentence in correspondence with your entire paragraph.

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The ultimate problem to talk about is transitions again. The paper you are working on must have a particular flow. When you write without any linkers, the text will look like an unconfirmed script without any peculiarities. In case you fill it with appropriate connectors both between and within sentences, the readability will improve very much. Testimonials

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