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More than 50% of students get lower grades because of the wrong essay’s structure. This paper will provide you with a clear understanding of how to organize your essay and what to include in it. Follow the further instructions to improve your essay writing.

Being a student of a higher school or college requires the ability to write well-structured academic papers, which usually have the following structure: the introduction, the main body (consists of three paragraphs) and the conclusion. At large, your essay should have not less than five paragraphs.

The Introduction

Start your introduction paragraph with a good hook sentence, which can be represented in a form of an anecdote, a question, a quotation, or a fact. Go on providing the reader with a thesis statement. This sentence (sometimes 2 sentences) is aimed at clarifying your intentions and position towards the issue. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph should lead the reader to the first paragraph of the main body part as well as have the affiliation with it. Remember, the introductory paragraph shouldn’t consist of more than 5 sentences.

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The Main Body Paragraphs

The main body includes 3 paragraphs which develop and support the idea you expressed in your thesis statement. Every paragraph of the main body should start with a topic sentence, which is a logical and consistent continuation of the introductory paragraph. Each paragraph should comprise some strong argument, which you necessarily prove with a vivid example related to the subject of your essay. Keep in mind that it is your duty as a writer to assure the reader of credibility and appropriateness of the given facts.

The Conclusion

The final part of the essay is extremely important as it is the writer’s last chance to inform, persuade or influence the reader’s opinion. “In conclusion” or “in the end” are the best summarizing words with the help of which you restate your introductory paragraph. Put all your efforts to make the conclusion succinct and impressive. Once more highlight your thesis statement and generalize the key point of the main body paragraphs. Finish the conclusion with a final sentence, which will serve as a crucial element and will call the reader for action. Do not copy your introductory paragraph! Be innovative and try restating the issue in a unique way. Testimonials

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