4 Study Tricks for People with Type B Personality

It’s easy to presume that the only people who can be achievers are Type A personalities with their persistence and the never-ending need to do something. However, being a Type B person does not mean you cannot be successful. Here are several tips on how to study better for people who are more relaxed.

Plan Your Study Sessions in Advance

The way I see it, the more time you spend preparing, the less time you’ll have to worry. Remember that writing tasks down properly now will save you time and nerves later on. It also provides you with the flexibility to learn whenever you actually feel like it and go to as many social gatherings as you like.

Write Everything down

There’s nothing wrong with relying on memory except for how treacherous it can be. Tasks that are due in ages are suddenly upon you, while a 30% grade ten page essay turns out to be a quick report that needs to be presented in class. To avoid such inconvenient inconsistencies and save yourself the trouble, write everything down.

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Don’t Demand too much from Yourself

Achievable goals may seem more boring, but they are what will help you get stuff done. Regular habits are more important than doing a 5000 word research assignment in one night. Treat yourself with kindness and don’t pull any all-nighters if possible.

Get a Study Tracker

While Type As can keep their tasks and achievements in mind (or, at least, I presume, never having been one), others need something to show them how far they’ve come and where they need to go. Gamifying the experience through checklists and physical trackers will do wonders to your self-esteem and productivity. You can also use an Excel sheet to get all kinds of stats on your study habits!

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Being a Type A person is more pleasant as one might think. You are a lot more relaxed and at peace with yourself than most hyper-achievers. All you need is a bit of structure to prevent yourself from procrastinating too much.

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