Good Points of Procrastination

How to Avail Yourself of Procrastination

Surely, everyone has delayed their assignments in their lifetime. There are lots of explanations of this phenomenon. Most often, we don't t take to the task and it is hard to fulfill it on time. There also people who enjoy working under the pressure of a deadline.

Because procrastination inflicts discomfort and stress, people avoid burning deadlines and struggle to do everything on time. Besides, it has become a cliché that people who put things off are lazy and poorly organized. There is a grain of truth in this. Still, there are some good points of procrastination that can enhance your work.

You Won't Hold High Expectations about Your Work

If you do your writing in haste, you do not hope for a straight A. Instead, you will use a pretext that you lacked time. Thus, even if you obtain a bad grade, you won't be frustrated.

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It Makes You more Energetic

When we work under pressure or fear, our bodies relieve adrenaline which produces energy. Usually, people put everything off because of tiredness and get down to the task at the last moment. However, then they have more energy to complete the assignment. Additionally, people get afraid when they realize that the deadline is drawing near, and they have not done what they were supposed to do. Fears cause the production of adrenaline, so our apprehension will not hinder us from fulfilling the assignment.


Our Focus Improves

When you have a lot of time at your disposal, you will probably get distracted by some other things. However, when you have only 1 hour, you will concentrate only on your task without checking your social networks notifications.

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Someone else Will Take Care of Your Task

Sometimes, you put off everything till somebody else does the job for you. For instance, you are assigned to do a group project and everyone does research and then writes significant discoveries within a certain time limit. When the deadline is tight and you do not present your share of work to the group, somebody else will probably take care of your part.

You Can Do something Useful

If you do not feel like working, you can avail of this time. For instance, while making a coffee break, check your email or compile your shopping list. Additionally, you can do some reading or other things that will facilitate your self-improvement.


Two Types of Procrastination

Unstructured procrastination is used for description of people who do something relaxing or creative to produce more energy. For instance, you can read, snooze, stroll, or warm up.

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Structured procrastination describes people who delay their major assignment to fulfill easier tasks. For example, you are assigned to write a significant and long essay, but before going about to it, you do other things, such as dishwashing, tidying up your room, preparing all the stuff you need for the essay, etc.

Finally, remember that procrastination has some advantages but if you procrastinate all the time, you will lose the sight of your goals. Procrastinate the tasks that you have done multiple times and which are not of great importance. However, avail of all the allocated time for an assignment that must be top-tier. Testimonials

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