11 Best Writing Tips Ever

I bet that without these 11 amazing writing tips, editors will claim that your essay is not good. So, here they are. Use them wisely:

Be an Advanced Reader

Reading improves the level of your perception, so you can write about more complicated things in a better manner. So, use the books as a food for your brain to write as a professional.

Proofread it Before Send it

Proofreading may reveal a lot of mistakes. Do it every time you’re about to send your essay.

Redact It and then Send it

Spend an extra minute and get rid of all red underlines in your essay.

Shorten It

Use as many words as required. Creative commons are valued only at the English class. Also, don’t be repetitive, use synonyms.

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Size Does Matter

Paragraphs shouldn’t be huge and over-informative to catch readers’ attention. Often, it’s better to make up 2-3 sentences in it, just to keep ‘air’ inside your essay. Moreover, small chunks have more chances to be read till the end. (That’s why newspaper use small paragraphs)

Stick to the Chosen Grammar Style

I have studied journalism, and I have noticed that in most cases AP Style is used. So, the things below are good to remember:

  • Always put commas and periods INSIDE the end of the quotation marks.
  • NO serial commas: Ford, Audi and Volkswagen—instead of Ford, Audi, and Volkswagen.
  • % is for charts only. Spell the whole “percent.”
  • Numbers up to nine should be spelt out. Further – as numerals. Except for the beginning of a sentence, where we use numerals. For instance, “Eleven years later…” Not “11 years later…” (Except Headlines and Titles)
  • Years always numerals.
  • Use “more than,” instead of “over” with numbers.

She instead of He

Due to modern etiquette, it’s more appropriate to use “she” instead of “he” in order to use neutral gender pronoun.

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Define the Pronoun

If you chose the pronoun “you,” stick to it. Mixing it with “we,” “I” etc. is a logical mistake.

The Same with the Verb Tenses

Keep the same tense throughout your essay.

Only Reliable Resources

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it an updated source? Who wrote it and what are the purposes?
  • What is the source of information? Do people trust this site?
  • Is the information true?

Explain Acronym First Time

Whenever you’re about to use abbreviations or acronyms, explain them to the readers in a clear way.

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