Who Is the Hero?

Recently, the word "hero" began to be used quite often. However, who are real heroes in the modern world? These answers were different for each epoch, corresponding to the worldview that prevailed at that time. After all, life depends on the peculiarities of time. Views on the world, thinking, and human actions reflect the social and moral attitudes prevailing in society and the character of the attitude toward evil, good, justice, nobility, and courage.

For example, the hero was considered as a person who possessed enormous physical strength, nobility and was able to gain the upper hand in battles, and wars for the ancient Greeks. However, the medieval society poeticized representatives of the military class, knights, who were in the service of the feudal lords.

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Heroes in Everyday Life

The last decades have been marked by a change in cultural epochs. In connection with this, the whole system of the world perception changes radically. Modern culture denies order, faith in the cause-effect process and absolute truth. The world is represented as separate fragments. Images and heroes are created in the mind of people.

Starting from early, youthful years, we listen to stories about heroes, brave wars, heroic deeds, dogs and other animals that rescued people, etc. The hero is a selfless, brave man, who is ready to help at any moment. Nevertheless, in fact, heroes are ordinary people; the only thing that distinguishes them from others is their goal in life. What is the aim of your life, to buy a car, to have a family, to earn capital, or to make a scientific discovery or just to travel?

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Heroism and Helping Others

The hero's goal is to live for the sake of others; they never do something for themselves. Only the heroes see the sincere essence of human existence, the problems and the sufferings, it is painful for them to look at poverty, unemployment, disease, hunger, and wars.

The hero buys a car to help the disabled person to get home. He or she earns a fortune to give it to the needy or build a free clinic or school, makes discoveries to save lives or to relieve them, the hero has a family to teach his or her children how to live in this world, such people travel to help people in different places of our planet. The hero does not seek fame. He or she lives an ordinary and honest life, and his or her conscience is pure and unshakable.

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Everyone is responsible for his or her own destiny. Choosing the model of behavior, a person decides not only what to do in future, but this choice affects other people. Being a good person means to act according to conscience and honor. You always need to think not only about yourself but also about people around you. It is not necessary to try to be perfect. Doing good, a person learns to be honest, fair and sympathetic. That is why the heroic deeds begin with the smallest everyday things.

Heroism and Patriotism

Heroes, patriots and moral ideals are needed by society to feel the unity of the nation and to realize their creative potential of people. Society sees its future, spiritual development, and perspective in the image of them.

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Heroism and Courage

In order to do heroic deeds, one must have high willpower and spirit. Such qualities are indispensable in ordinary life. A brave person is not afraid to make decisions and to act selflessly. Heroes are capable of great things. We must strive to be bold in our actions, thoughts, and relationships with others.


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