Are Computers Taking over Our Lives?

Computers, initially invented to simplify human lives, have performed this task with a great efficiency and, thus, our computer dependence has significantly increased basically due to the convenience it provides. Many of us cannot even imagine our lives without computers because of the simplicity of its usage. Having designed it to help us in our professional goals, the inventors could not ever foresee the extent to which computers will enter our lives.

The Role of Computers in our Lives

It would not be an overstatement if someone says that in modern era computers play the most important role in our lives. The day when a computer does not work, many people’s lives stand still. If you take some time to think, you can easily realize that about 70% of every person’s daily routine involves using computers and non-availability of these devices creates a real chaos. Just remember some case when a supermarket computer crashes and leads to long queues, nervous consumers and cashier, and complete chaos.

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Computer Dependency

With every year, computer technologies are replacing human beings. The concept of our communication is swiftly disappearing and socializing via social networks becomes an accepted norm. Friends, relatives, and colleagues are all becoming online figures, so if you say that computers take over our lives you will be definitely and implicitly right. The future generations of people may even not develop the habit of improving their minds and gain no important skills to survive without computers.

From the very early years, kids are using computers and learning the easiest ways to acquire knowledge. It is now very easy to make calculations and do other simple tasks that do not even require human mind so there actually is no need to learn the fundamentals anymore.

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It can be argued that if the current tendency of our computer addiction does not stop, the day when the humanity will come to a halt without computers is not so far. Testimonials

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