How to Write Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Food

Writing an essay on a topic that excites you, makes you reminisce about some pleasant moments of your life or discussing in your essay issues you’re pretty experienced in and have enough background knowledge, is the best assignment you could have ever received from your professor. Descriptive essays on your favorite food don’t usually scare students to death in comparison with, for example, writing compare and contrast or persuasive essays as the food issue, in any way, concerns each of us. However, to create an outstanding essay, it isn’t enough to only like your topic but be aware of structure and content moments to smooth the writing process in general. For more detailed about this information go below.

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The most challenging stage of writing an essay, including descriptive food essay, is to arrange and represent your ideas, standpoint, thoughts, believes in a gripping, fascinating, amazing, inspiring way that would make the reader continue reading your essay. In other words, your task is to come up with the hook sentence that would literary hook the audience and give a fresh look at an issue that will be discussed further. Be inventive in combining food trends with controversial health problems, food industry with food blogs and smoothly come closer to the type of food you like to eat the most. In your thesis statement mention the meal you adore and why it is on the top list of your food charts.

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Main Body

The number of paragraphs in your main body section will primarily depend on the number of arguments/advantages/benefits/pros you have found and want to share with other people. Don’t forget to follow the rule of the main body section which is to start each new thought with a new paragraph where every first sentence is a topic sentence. The aim of topic sentences is to introduce a certain point of view for its further discussion in the proceeding sentences of the paragraph.


Finally, concluding part deals with repeating, restating, reminding the thesis statement of your descriptive essay on your favorite food and pointing on the reasons why it deserves to be called favorite food of yours. The concluding part is considered to be effective if it influences the readers’ opinion, makes them interested in trying meal you like so much and even inspires them to start cooking immediately after reading your essay. For this reason, don’t be too stingy to share the recipe of your favorite meal with others and use as many compelling tasty adjectives as possible to involve all senses and make the reader feel hungry.

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As you may see from the explanatory example above, a descriptive essay on your favorite food has the invariable structure scheme. What makes it unique is the topic and information you decide to include, reliable facts that will support your opinion stated in the thesis statement and topic sentences of each main body paragraphs and a good summary of the main highlights of your topic. Get inspired! Testimonials

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