Expository Essay Example: Qualities of a Good Friend

The relationship between two people involves responsibility, certain rules, laws, and obligations. Sincere, true friendship is based on disinterested love and support. Friendship is a relationship that is developed on complete trust. It is always nice to have a person who will support and help you at any moment. Such complex harmony is achieved after many years of acquaintance, checking for responsiveness, and helping each other in different cases and situations. This is a sincere, true friendship.

Who Is a True Friend?

It is known that the strongest friendships arise in childhood and adolescence. Growing up, under the pressure of circumstances and events, a person loses hope and faith that he or she can trust someone. Trust is undermined by the ingratitude of other people. Disappointment and selfish aspirations, betrayals, lies, and deceit strongly undermine faith in people. Dissatisfied feelings are winning in this case. Most often, such confidence disappears after betrayal. It becomes difficult to understand who can be called a true friend after disappointment.

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Friendship and Trust

Many people are used to communicating remotely, without opening themselves to others. Such relationships can be called fellowship or partner communication. True friendship does not mean only help in a difficult situation, but sincere happiness and joy for your friend’s achievements too. It is much easier to survive grief and support in trouble than not to envy your friend’s moments of true success.

Even the strongest and most confident people need support from outside. Those people who claim that they can live well without friends are deeply mistaken because they have not yet felt true friendship.

Mutual Support and Understanding

Loneliness does not bring positive results in the modern world. A person becomes a hermit without friends, and it becomes difficult to take a decent place in a developed society for him or her. Even the most closed introvert will feel unbearable without a reliable interlocutor.

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Respect should be based on the principle of accepting your friend's shortcomings. All people have positive and negative qualities. You need to love both sides if you want to become a good comrade. The presence of humor and the ease of communication between friends indicate a high level of self-esteem and knowledge of important life values. Humor is one of the most important factors of friendship. Only the best friends have their special jokes, which can raise their spirits and bring them back to life at any time.

Features of a Bad Friend

Envy is the most terrible personal quality. If you do not know how to enjoy the success of your friends, you may need to change something in your life. A true friend never behaves arrogantly towards his or her comrade. Some people change their social circle very often and constantly find new friends. Such people cannot be trusted, as they are unreliable, and most likely, are seeking only the benefits of communication with others. Remember, real, strong friendship should be built over the years.

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