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Technological essay is similar in terms of main principles and structure to all other types of essays. However, there are certain differences and peculiarities that should be considered when writing a technology essay. First of all, technology essays require lucidity, precision, and consistency in showcasing ideas like no other type of essay.  

It is better to understand the differences and peculiarities of technology essay when looking at a concrete example. Let’s imagine that your topic is “How Modern Technology Influences Society.” The goal of this essay is to explain the relations between society and modern technology and to show the level of influence which modern technology has on our lives. It would also be appropriate to compare how technology influenced our society in the past to how it is influencing our society now. You can choose to use a specific technology and explain how it is affecting society. For instance, it can be a smartphone, nanotechnologies, renewable sources of energy, or maybe online services like PayPal or Amazon, which are representatives of modern online technologies.

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In order to make your research more extensive, it is advisable to show both good and bad influence that certain technological advancement has on our lives. For instance, if you choose to study the influence of modern gadgets on our lives, you can say that it influences society both positively and negatively. On one hand, it allows us to save massive amount of time, and complete many processes much faster than in the past. But on the other hand, it makes people more alienated from each other and gives them more opportunities to procrastinate (smartphone games, senseless browsing of social media, etc.). 

Choosing a technology essay topic, you should select the one that really interests you. However, don’t select topics which are too problematic or innovative, because you will find it difficult to provide enough reliable sources to back-up your thesis statement.

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When it comes to sources, you should have at least four. As with most essays, the key requirements for choosing sources are their reliability and actuality. Choose respected sources which are no older than two years. Avoid using the outdated literature.

If after starting to work on your topic, you will notice that there’s not much relevant information, you may consider making it more general to find enough sources for your research. When working with the sources that you have selected, be very selective and pick only the most important pieces of information.

Speaking about the writing itself – start with a draft. Consider the following tips:

  1. You need a solid thesis statement which you will prove or disprove during the course of your essay.
  2. Every statement that you make should be supported with evidence.
  3. Use technology vocabulary only when it is absolutely necessary. In other cases use words that an average person can understand.
  4. Always cite sources that you’re using.
  5. Use conclusion to remind the reader of the main points of your essay.

After you complete your first draft you need to revise and edit it. Look for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors and also see that your thesis statement is strong, your essay is well-structured, and the ideas flow smoothly.

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