Dark Side of Abortion

Abortion is an unpleasant procedure that can have dire consequences. It involves the removal of the fetus from the uterus of a woman. This choice made by women can become regrettable. Of course, in certain situations, it may seem that making an abortion is the right choice, but as time passes, the mother and the father of the unborn child may realize that they made a mistake. However, this realization can’t change anything because it’s too late to make a change. Abortion affects individuals, families and society in many ways.

  • Abortion affects society because it shows young people that they can stop their pregnancy. It stimulates the irresponsible attitude to such important matters as childbirth. What should be really taught is self-restraint from sex or the usage of contraceptives so that young people would never worry about the unwanted and unexpected pregnancy. Another bad thing that it teaches the youngsters is that there are no consequences for such a serious action as if it were a light decision that could be easily taken. In fact, abortion can cause serious problems for the health of a woman. It may even lead to infertility. Isn’t it a horrible consequence?
  • Abortion affects families because when someone in the family performs it, a bad example is given. Looking at this example, younger relatives and siblings can easily be influenced, thinking that it’s a normal thing to do. In other cases, it may even destroy the families. For instance, one of my cousins made an abortion and her mother stopped talking to her because she was highly judgmental about her decision. The quality of the relationships in the family can decrease severely because of abortion.
  • Abortion affects individuals because it’s a very tough decision that can’t be changed or reversed. In most cases, it doesn’t solve the situation and causes pain, regret, and suffering. Even if the parents of the unborn child feel that they could keep the baby, it’s already too late. I think that in case people feel that they can’t take a proper care of the child, they should give it up for adoption. This way they will know that the baby is alive. Some friends of mine, who made an abortion in the past, say that they would keep the child and find a way to take care of it if they could have gone back in time. In their case, the abortion caused them a lot of emotional and physical pain, and they regretted it very much.

As a result, abortion is a highly undesirable act because it affects individuals, families and society in a bad way. There are many alternatives for abortion that people may consider if they face the situation of having an unwanted child. Paying attention to the situation with abortions in our society, it is of outmost importance to educate people about the perils of abortion and teach them to self-restrain from sex, use contraceptives, and take responsibility for their actions.

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