My Perfect Wife

It is vital to have somebody you can always rely on. I would like my wife to be this person. I want her to be tightly connected with my life. I would wake her up with a tender kiss. The first thing I would see every day would be her smile. We would make and have breakfast together. We would call one another several times a day. In the evening we would have dinner together, and fall asleep in hugs.

Here are main qualities that the girl should have to become my wife.

We Should Be Friends and Partners

First of all, my ideal wife has to be my best friend. We should have an opportunity to share all our troubles, sorrows and dreams with each other. My wife would never let me down. Besides, I want her to be my partner. We would have everything common: kids, house, money and, what is not least, our duties. We would make all the important decisions together.

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We Should Trust Each Other

It is very important that we could trust one another. Good communication is the basis of serious relationship, including a marriage. We would share our thoughts. I would like to hear her dreams and goals and support her in everything. I will also need a person that would be always glad to listen to me and be interested in the things that happen in my life. We should not have any secrets from each other.

She Has to Have a Good Sense of Humor

My future wife has to have a great sense of humor. It would be great if she were witty and could make me laugh. Besides, she should be able to see the silver lining behind every cloud, instead of concentrating on the flaws in every situation.

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She Has to Be a Good Mother

My wife must be a good mother for our kids. She has to be gentle and warm-hearted, but on the other hand strict in some situations, as the mother plays even more important part in bringing up children than the father does.

She Should Be Smart and Beautiful

Want my wife to be a good-looking and elegant woman who has smartness and beauty combined. I am convinced that a character plays more important role than a look does. Sure, just like any other man, I am attracted to good-looking girls, but I think that marrying only for physical attraction leads to short-term pleasure and life-long regret. Besides, I have noticed that beautiful girls are often haughty and vainglorious. I appreciate modesty in women. It is great when a woman does not brag about her wealth and achievements, and when she appreciates other people’s victories.

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She Must Be Faithful

I would like my wife to be the person who actually believes in our marriage. She should be really committed to our relationship, and willing to stay together always, as couples promise in the wedding vows. My wife should never be distracted by other men. I would like her to be a “one man woman.” I will, in return, be totally faithful and loyal to her, too. Testimonials

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