Religious Discrimination

Numerous discrimination events take place in the world every day and, unfortunately, no one is insured of it. Religion is one of the most common reasons for discrimination. Although plenty of programs aimed at fighting against faith prejudgments are held in every country, human’s mentality can still be hardly changed. Hundreds of people suffer every day simply because they trust there is another god than others believe in. In this article, we will describe a couple of examples of religious discrimination.

Jokes and Pranks

This one is the most common way referred to demonstrate antipathy towards someone’s religion. Often, you can see pictures in social networks or hear jokes about particular religion and people who believe in it. Very few pranksters think that their words are sometimes not cheerful but offensive for someone. Because of it, a lot of conflicts arise, which have unpleasant results for both sides. The only way to fight against such cases is to make people realize that religion is something private and it is intolerant to make fun of it.

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You may hardly believe it, but religious discrimination often concerns education. Many kids suffer from it in schools and colleges. Often, they do not have any possibility to satisfy their religious needs in typical schools, especially in the foreign countries. Furthermore, children that follow different religions are often bullied and face multiple jokes and pranks. Only in rare cases, they get protection from their teachers.

At Work

Sometimes, people face this problem even at job interviews, despite the fact that the attention must be paid to the professional skills and experience. Moreover, employers should consider their workers’ religious needs because it is an integral part of human’s rights and freedoms that must be respected at work. When the employer refuses to provide someone with work because of religious beliefs, he/she breaks the law.

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Public Places

Religious discrimination sometimes exists even in restaurants, shops, cafes and other public places. Some confessions require people to wear special clothes and others can sometimes demonstrate their wondering and even disgust. For example, if a citizen of any European country sees someone wearing a turban, he/she will probably think that such a Muslim is dangerous and consider him to be a terrorist. Actually, many Muslims face misunderstandings in the foreign countries where the majority of people are Christians.

Renting a House

For some people in the foreign countries, where most people support another religion, it is often difficult to rent even a small flat. Such cases happen because a lot of people do not care about someone’s religious statements and are afraid of it. However, in the majority of situations, there is no basis for fear.

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It should be noted that the religious discrimination is one of the serious problems today and people should resist it every day and in every country of the world. Are there any ways to solve it? Yes. Humanity has to be more tolerant and patient to someone’s faith and avoid any conflicts that can appear on a religious basis. Testimonials

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